The 9 Phases of Pool Construction

Pool | 02/10/16

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These bleak winter days might have you daydreaming about swimming in a refreshing pool on a hot summer’s day. If you want to have your dream pool built in your Arizona backyard this year, here’s what you should know about the phases of pool construction.

1. Post-Design Layout

After you have had your one-on-one design meeting with your pool building professionals, they can begin the process of laying out the shape of the pool. The area of the pool will be outlined with stakes so that you can envision how your future pool will look in your yard.

2. Breaking Ground

Before you know it, ground will be broken on your pool project as the builders excavate the space where your pool will go. To ensure that everything is done just right, your pool professionals will take their time carefully crafting and sculpting the area before the next phase of construction begins.

3. Installing the Plumbing

This step is arguably one of the most important phases of pool construction. Before plumbers install the system, plumbing lines are pressure tested to ensure that your pool is built with only the highest quality possible.

4. Prepping Electrical Work

Much like the plumbing systems, the electrical aspects of your pool need to be secured so that every aspect of the structure is absolutely perfect. Lines leading to your electrical box will be buried so that the system can be connected and tested before moving on.

5. Creating Your Pool’s Structure

The frame of your pool is constructed with reinforced steel rebar and spaced just right so that the integrity of the structure is greater and will last you year after year. Before Shotcrete is installed into the space, those electrical components from before are wired and installed.

A city inspector will check the work to make sure that it is, in fact, above and beyond the code. Shotcrete, an extra-durable cement mixture, is then blown onto the frame of the pool. This mixture is then perfectly sculpted and left to cure before the pool surface is applied.

6. Building the Hardscape

You will begin to see your yard come to life during this sixth step, as your pool builders will construct any hardscaping you might incorporate to the area. Outdoor kitchens or fire pits, for instance, can be included into your yard’s design. The deck surrounding your pool will then be built, exact to your preferences.

7. Adding the Tile

Tile is then added along the waterline of your new pool so that three inches of water will sit both above and below this line. To best suit your personal tastes, you get to choose from a plethora of different tiles: shapes, sizes, colors, patterns – the works.

8. Finishing the Interior

Now your pool is really starting to come together, but there is one more extremely vital step left, and that is installing the interior finish in the pool. These finishes can be plaster or stone, both of which look fantastic and come with their own set of benefits. Your pool builder will handle this step with the utmost care so that your pool looks and functions at optimum proportions.

9. Final Phases of Pool Construction

Construction is now complete, but your building crew isn’t quite done yet! They will work hard to pick up debris and leave your yard as clean as it was when construction began. Before they roll out, they will fill your pool, start up the equipment and even balance the water chemistry, so that you can jump right in and start swimming.

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