7 Pools And Spas We Love To Pair Together

Pool | 04/24/15

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Throughout the years, we at Shasta have had the privilege of designing a variety of pools and spas, but some combinations of the two just seem to always prove to be beautiful and captivating.

1. Rocky Grotto Pools and Stacked Stone Spas

Pools and spas of any shape and design can feature rocky grottos, a popular feature for Phoenix pools as grottos seamlessly blend into our desert landscape. We love to pair these pools with elevated and attached warmly toned stacked stone spas that spill over into the main pool to add extra visual and audible delight.

2. Pond Pools with Detached In-Ground Spas

For those who love the idea of creating nature-inspired landscape, then a pond pool is the way to go. We tend to like pairing a pond pool with a detached spa, but connect the two by means of a winding path that allows bathers to take in the surrounding organic beauty provided to us by mother nature.

3. Infinity Pools with Infinity Spas

These two pools and spas were made to be with one another. By incorporating an elevated spa with an infinity edge into the design of an infinity pool, pool owners are able to support the effect of an endless stretch of water reaching into the depths of the horizon.

poolgallery0120large_large4. Geometric Pools with Balancing Spas

Geometric pools and spas can be built in such a way that both help balance the appearance of one another. For example, pool owners can build a Baja ledge at one end of the pool while then creating a spa of the same dimensions at another end or edge to complement it.



poolgallery0119large_large5. Circular Spas with Freeform Kidney Shapes

Loopy and languid, freeform Phoenix pools are the perfect candidates for circular shaped spas. We particularly like the circular design as it allows for bathers to easily chat and mingle with everyone, making it the ideal spa for socializing.


6. Detached Square Spa with Geometric Pools

The square shape of a spa, when detached from a geometric pool, can help add balance or added dimension to any backyard. As an added benefit, having a detached spa creates a private space for relaxation or conversation.

poolgallery0018large_large7. Sleek Pools with Pyramid-Inspired Raised Spas

With rectangular and geometric pools being in such high demand, one pairing of pools and spas we enjoy are “pyramid”inspired stand-alone spas. Not only does the design of this spa naturally create steps for bathers to easily enter and exit the spa, but its square shape lends itself to the architecture of a geometric pool.

At the end of the day, we at Shasta know that the best combination of pools and spas is the one that you’ll love the best. Contact us today to find you perfect combo.

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