Pool | 03/20/15

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Today’s lap pool designs go beyond basic rectangular shapes. Now homeowners can incorporate a variety of water features, fire features and landscaping techniques to customize their lap pools and make them their own.

Lap Pool Designs for Large or Wide Backyards

Larger yards offer limitless potential when it comes to lap pool designs. Some of the designs below are among our favorite:

1. Lap Pool with Mirroring Scuppers and Raised Fountain

Water features are what really bring out the beauty of this pool. The mirroring scuppers add visual and audible interest while the raised layered fountain boasting three spouts helps draw the eye above and beyond the pool wall, encouraging bathers to revel in the natural beauty that surrounds them.

poolgallery0081large_large2. Classic Elegance to Fit Contemporary Needs

Several lap pool designs now also feature raised spas not only for relaxation, but to soothe tired and sore muscles after a long and exhausting swim. We love how the pergola provides shelter to those lounging in the spa, and the unique animal scuppers add a unique touch.


poolgallery0082large_large3. L-Shaped Lap Pool Design for Fun and Fitness

L-shape lap pool designs are a natural choice for those who love to exercise and entertain. This lengthy pool extends towards a raised infinity edge spa before it takes a sharp turn to a smaller lounging area for guests and bathers. The flower planter scuppers and well placed planter boxes allow the homeowner to add bursts of color around the pool.

Lap Pool Designs for Small or Slim Backyards

Lap pool designs of the past may have been focused on larger yards, but today’s smaller backyards have created a demand for small pool designs.

poolgallery0005large_large4. Old World Charm in a Small Package

The tile design that serves as a backdrop for this pool delivers the “old world” feel while the unique scuppers create visual interest and engagement. The decking extends and blends right into the pool, and there is a seating area nearby so that bathers and patio dwellers can still chat and connect.

poolgallery0029large_large5. Slim and Slender Desert Oasis

who says that skinny backyards can’t have small pools? This small lap pool was creatively laid along the edge of the home and was given very minimal detail to compliment the expansive desert that surrounds it. The Shasta lace decking provides a nice contrast against the rocks and sand, and the cherub scuppers add that extra touch of elegance.

poolgallery0040large_large6. Corner Lap Pool with Wall Fountain

Even the tightest of spaces can accommodate small pool designs. Small lap pool designs like this one provide a place for individuals to exercise and lounge while still being within earshot of the conversations that may be happening around them. What we particularly love is the raised wall featuring 5 smaller fountains, so even when the pool is covered, homeowners can still delight in sights and sounds of the water.


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