5 Swim Spa Pool Designs That Are Perfect for Small Backyards

Backyard Entertainment | 08/10/15

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Not too long ago, the thought of placing a swimming pool in a small backyard was ridiculous. After all, how could one fit a whole pool in such a tight space?

Answer: You couldn’t. However, innovative pool pros have developed what is now known as a swim spa. These “spools” not only allow individuals to get in a good solid swim in a tiny space, but they also double as a plunge pool or even a spa.

Your Swim Spa Options

The Rectangle: Basic in appearance yet modern in design, rectangular swim spas are the ideal type of swim spa for most backyards. With the ability to be customized in length and width, homeowners can have a custom made rectangular swim spa which can be built into almost any shape and size of backyard.


The L-Shape: An alternative to the rectangle, the L-shape will have the extended area be the swim spa area while the shorter portion may be a plunge area or a separate spa that is always in full operation.


The Freeform Design: While limited in their actual design, freeform swim spas often include additional seating and space to place drinks, speakers, or mobile phones. If a homeowner chooses poured concrete over a fiberglass pool, there will be a lot more flexibility in the design and shape of the pool.


The Oval Design: Those who aren’t particularly fond of straight lines and crisp edges may appreciate the oval design. These swim spas typically have longer sides which are straight, but the shorter rounded sides bookends giving the swim spa a pond-like appearance.


The Raised Swim Spa: The final option is the raised swim spa. While often more cost effective, these spas are less attractive unless carefully considered and placed within one’s landscaping.

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