Pool | 02/09/14

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With so many swimming pool builders in your surrounding area, it can be difficult for homeowners to narrow down just which Phoenix pool design or Arizona pool remodeling company they should select for their next big project.  To help you determine which pool company will be right for you, here are 5 important questions that you need to ask pool companies and contractors in Arizona:

Question 1: How many pools have you built in the area?

This question will help you get a good idea of how much experience they’ve had in the pool building business.  It’s also a good segue into requesting at least three references from those individuals whom they have built the pools for.

Question 2: Where is the physical location of your business and do you have a showroom?

If you’re like many homeowners and are contacting pool companies through websites found online, it’s important to ask the company if they have a physical location.  Many Phoenix pool design and building companies are “fly by night” businesses, meaning they may be here today but gone tomorrow once they’ve received your $10,000 down payment.  By having a physical location, the pool company is proving that they are credible and definitely aren’t able to just up and leave

Question 3:  Are you insured?

Homeowners do not want to get into business with swimming pool builders AZ that do not carry workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance.  But don’t just take the company’s word for it – ask them for a copy of their insurance as proof and call their insurer.

Question 4: Will all of the work being done on my pool be included in the contract?

No one likes little hidden surprises.  Homeowners should receive, in writing, a list of everything that is being covered under the contract, and that every item is necessary towards them having a safe and durable pool.

Question 5:  Why should I trust you to build this pool?

Don’t be afraid to put Phoenix pool design and remodeling companies on the spot!  The best companies will be able to come up with an answer right on the spot that leaves you feeling safe and secure in choosing them.

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