Pool | 12/27/13

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Decorate your outdoor living environment this Fall with the help of high-quality, LED lighting!

Whether you’ve had a pool installed already or are thinking about adding one to your own backyard, you may want to opt out form the standard 500 watt lighting that’s provided with your pool and choose to use LEDs.  Wonder why LEDs are a better option?  Let’s start from the top:

Standard Lighting Is Inferior Lighting

The 500 watt bulbs that you may be supplied with for your pool just aren’t doing your pool any justice.  Sure, you may get a huge bright glare in the area that surrounds that 500 watt bulb, but for spaces that are anywhere form 2 to 3 feet out from that light, you’re in complete darkness.

LED lights, on the other hand, provide consistent lighting that illuminates the whole pool.  So whether you’re going for some sort of effect or just want proper lighting so that you can use your pool at night, LEDs are certainly the way to go.

LEDs Are More Energy Efficient

There’s no question that running a pool can be quite the drain on the pocketbook, so why not save on your utility bill and switch those old inefficient bulbs out for LED lighting?  Pool owners who keep their pool lit up and going all year round can easily see $100 or more in savings every year just form making this little switch.

LEDs Offer total Control And Customization

Unlike the standard bulbs that come in that off-white glare, you can choose LED lights in a variety of colors – with many of the bulbs actually being “color changing” so that you can easily choose which colors you want and where with just a push of a button.  Many can even alternate color combinations in a timed sequence or can be pre-programmed to change to a certain musical number if you ever so choose.

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