3 Important Facts to Remember when Choosing a Custom Pool Builder

Pool | 10/28/14

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Choosing a custom pool builder can be tricky business. A number of so-called “custom pool builders” are actually con-men in disguise who’ll gladly take your deposit, dig a giant hole in your backyard and then abandon the project entirely with thousands of your dollars lining their pockets or deal it out to contract workers who do not care about the quality of work performed. At Shasta we believe there’s a difference between a pool builder and a pool broker. As pool builders we’re with you every step of the way and every part of the pool building process is not only over seen by your Shasta pool builder, but all work is done in house by Shasta. Some “pool builders” are actually pool brokers and aren’t going to care for you and your pool the right way, that’s why it’s important that homeowners do a thorough investigation into every pool builder they meet and keep these 3 important facts in mind:

1. Not Every Pool Builder Has Experience With Custom Work

The key behind the term “custom pool builder” is that you look for a pool builder who has a lot of experience building a variety of pool shapes and sizes. A number of pool builders out there are experienced in building above ground pools, installing fiberglass pools, and have maybe built a kidney-shaped gunite pool – but they haven’t done much custom work. You need to look for a builder who:

a) Is experienced in building custom pool designs

b) Is experienced when building custom pool designs in the material of your choice

2. State Of The Art Tools and Materials Mean Superior Work

The custom pool builder you choose should be using the latest technologies to build your pool and spa so that your pool is as efficient and up to date as possible. You also want to make sure that the builder has a wide range of materials available to build your pool so that you can have the custom pool designs of your choosing.

3. Get It In Writing

A lot of promises may be made during that initial visit with a custom pool builder, but if you want to make sure that those promises are kept, get it in writing before signing a contract (which you also shouldn’t do during that initial visit).


Shasta Pools is a Phoenix pool builder who provides a variety of services including swimming pool remodeling, commercial pool building, and pool service and repair. Since its establishment in 1967, Shasta has helped over 80,000 families realize their dream of pool ownership. By providing exceptional value, quality craftsmanship and superior customer service, the Shasta team continues to fulfill the corporate mission of astonishing and delighting their customers and exceeding expectations. You can learn more about Shasta Pools & Spas by visiting them online, or by connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter.



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