Backyard Entertainment | 11/06/13

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An outdoor kitchen is a dream come true for most. Not only is it yet another place to prepare delicious meals and appetizers, but it’s a space where hosts can keep the party going while partaking in the festivities. While an outdoor kitchen may be ideal for most, there are still a number of considerations that should be made prior to having the kitchen put in, starting with:

Plan Your Power

Just as an indoor kitchen relies on a whole lot of electricity to keep it going, so will your outdoor kitchen.  When planning your power, you need to consider:

  • Whether or not additional outlets and power sources will be required to keep your kitchen going
  • How you’ll be able to hide or conceal any wiring for safety and appearance’s sake
  • How much electricity your outdoor kitchen will consume (and how much it’ll add to your utility bill)

Consider Shade And Covering

Rain or shine, you want to be able to cook and prepare food in your outdoor kitchen without having to fear the elements.  While you certainly can have your kitchen and patio or dining area out in the open, it’s always best to prepare for the worst and make sure that some sort of shading or covering is provided, whether it be a simple pergola, an awning, a tent or otherwise.

Look Out For Lighting

A basic patio light won’t provide sufficient lighting for your outdoor cooking area.  You’ll need to consider adding additional lights in or near the kitchen area, and between the indoor and outdoor kitchen as you’ll likely be moving between the two on a regular basis.

Fortunately lighting doesn’t have to be a huge budget buster.  Simple string lights or solar lawn lighting can be incorporated into your outdoor living space, or you can simply add some LED lights above your kitchen’s foot prep area.


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