Pool | 01/21/14

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While many dream of a pool, the one pressing question in their minds is how they can finance a pool.  They don’t have the cash in their bank account to pay for it, so how can they build a pool?  What may seem like a distant dream can become a reality if you consider one of these payment options that other pool lovers have taken, starting with:

Equity Lines and 2nd Mortgages

This type of loan is the most popular and the easiest to obtain for a lot of homeowners. There are some conditions that surround getting this type of loan, and none are a surefire way for you to finance your pool.  More than likely, you’ll be able to obtain this type of loan if:

  • You’ve lived in your house for more than 6 years; and/or
  • You’ve established a lot of equity in your home in a very short period of time

If you aren’t able to match both or either of the above criteria, then you’ll be hard pressed trying to be approved for this type of mortgage.

Unsecured Loans

This is the next option for anyone who can’t obtain an equity or 2nd mortgage loan.  For this type of loan, you don’t need to have equity, but you will need to have a good solid credit rating.  Most unsecured loans are within 14 to 18%, and will only lend up to $30,000 (which  may or may not cover the entire cost of your pool).

Credit Cards

If you’ve built up enough in credit, then you may just be able to pay for your pool on your credit card.  Do be warned, however, that buying a pool on your card is likely the very most expensive way to go about doing so.  With most credit cards having an interest rate ranging anywhere from 11% to 21%, you’ll be paying an hefty bill on your pool in interest alone. Go this route, and either have a secure plan to pay the balance off ASAP or be prepared for a very large bill.


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