Pool Equipment | 09/25/14

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Whether you’re building a new pool or renovating your current one, pool owners need to consider their pools’ equipment.  Crystal clear pools are what we all dream of, but when it comes to maintaining a pool, the type of pump you have installed can make all the difference when it comes to the amount of work you need to put into that pool to keep the water clean.

Single Speed Pool Pump

This is the traditional pump that has been installed in pools for the past several decades.  As the name suggests, once it’s turned on, it runs at the same speed.

PRO: Initial cost can be much lower than a variable speed cost.

CON: Operating costs are higher than variable pumps, noisy, inefficient.

Variable Speed Pool Pump

One of the top renovations that Arizona pool owners are making is switching out that old single speed or two speed pump for a variable speed pump.  This pump is built with a permanent magnet motor (rather than an induction motor).  This type of motor allows pool owners to “dial in” their flow rate so they can make the most of slow pool water circulation and reduce electrical usage.

PRO:  Easier to keep crystal clear pools, quieter, more efficient, long lasting, digitally controlled, increased number of options to cater to the needs of a pool owner.

CON:  Initial cost is higher than a single speed pool pump.

The Final Verdict

At a glance variable speed pool pumps certainly have a larger number of “pros” than single speed pumps.  Pool owners often opt for a single speed pool pump in an attempt to save money, but these less efficient pumps actually end up costing more in the long run than the initial costs of a variable speed pump.  Apart from the financial aspect, variable speed pumps also reduce maintenance times and make it easier to keep crystal clear pools, making it our top choice.


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