Outdoor Living | 05/17/16

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A backyard pool is a great addition to any Phoenix, Arizona home. It’s a place to bring friends and family together for high-quality bonding time, especially in a place where so many months out of the year are warm ones. It adds value to your home as well, and offers a great space for all types of entertaining.

Being the owner of a home swimming pool means taking on a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure your pool is safe at all times for anyone who may be using it. Especially for families with children, instilling pool rules in young swimmers early on is entirely crucial—and the best way to make sure your kids are safe in the water at all times is to enroll them in swim lessons.


Swim Lessons and Water Safety

While a home pool seems inherently a lot safer than open waters, you may encounter on a family boat trip, being prepared for accidents is essential for entering any body of water. Swim lessons prepare kids by teaching them life-saving water skills one step at a time.

Swim lessons aren’t just about perfecting the backstroke. Before children—or swimmers of any age—are taught different strokes, they’re taught the very basics of swimming. Once they have perfected the basics, such as floating and doggy paddling, then they will move on the various different strokes–and maybe even develop a penchant for competitive swimming.

Taking swim lessons will also reinforce the rules you already focus on teaching your children. They’ll be more likely to pay attention to rules, such as no running on the pool deck or never swimming unsupervised, when they hear them from outside sources. Make sure your kids are prepared and acting safely before allowing them to use the home pool for fun.


Healthy Habits from Swim Lessons

On a lighter note, swimming has many health benefits, and starting early can contribute to a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle. For example, swimming is an aerobic exercise that can greatly improve cardiovascular health. Swimming is also very accessible, as it is a low-impact activity that is easy on joints. Starting swim lessons early can instill in your child a love of swimming that only continues to grow over time.

Enrolling your child in swim lessons is also greatly beneficial for their emotional and social well-being. Swim class is a great way for kids to make friends, and regular interaction with peers in a safe, activity-based space will encourage kids to continue making safe and healthy decisions. Having a backyard pool where your child can practice regularly will only serve to increase their love of swimming and will be an excellent supplementary space to practice outside of their competitive swim team practice or recreational swim lessons.


Install the Perfect Backyard Pool for Your Swimming Family

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