Pool Equipment | 04/25/16

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Having a pool in your Arizona backyard is a very rewarding experience. Sometimes, however, pools need maintenance, which can be very frustrating when you really want to use your pool. Making sure that your pool is properly running requires vigilance and the right pool gear. Lucky for you, there are a lot of great pool maintenance products that make sure your pool is always working smoothly and rarely needs maintenance or repairs. Read on to find out about pool gear that you can’t live without, and why you should call Shasta Pools and Spas for pool maintenance and repair in Arizona.


Maintain Your Pool with an Automatic Water Level

One of the keys in making sure that your pool is always available for use is maintaining a proper water level. Just like Goldilocks and her porridge, you want your pool’s water level to be just right. The best way to keep a consistent level of water in your pool is through the use of an automatic water leveler.

An automatic water leveler is great for a couple of reasons. First, it helps prevent both backyard flooding from overfilling and low water levels. Secondly, and most importantly, automatic water levelers reduce strain and burnout of your pool pump, preventing costly repairs.


Automate Your Pool to Reduce Wear and Tear

A big fear of most pool owners is that their equipment will burn out and require expensive repairs or even replacement. Employing an automated control system is a great way to increase the longevity of your pool’s crucial systems. By using automatization, you can make sure that your pool’s necessary equipment is only in use when you need it to be. Not only does this save you massively on energy costs, but it also reduces wear and tear on your pool equipment, preventing the need for regular repair or maintenance costs while making sure your pool stays running smoothly.


Prevent Chemical Imbalance with Chemical Tests

You’ve probably had the experience of swimming in a pool that has either too much or too little chemicals in the water. Having improper chemical levels in your pool can totally ruin your swimming experience and usually needs a professional touch to even things out again. Chemical tests will let you know if there is an issue with your pool’s chemical levels well before it becomes a serious issue that needs professional attention. The desire to keep your chemical levels even makes chemical tests the number one pool gear you can’t live without.


Get the Best Pool Maintenance and Repair in Arizona

Every pool owner wants to make sure that their backyard pool is always ready for a quick swim, and nothing ruins these plans faster than realizing that your pool needs maintenance. Fortunately, with the right gear, you can make sure your pool is always ready to use. However, issues do crop up despite your best efforts. If you need pool maintenance and repairs in Arizona, then you need the pool professionals at Shasta Pools. Shasta has served Arizona pool owners for over 50 years with the highest quality maintenance and repair services. Request service from Shasta today and get your pool back in working order.