Pool Equipment | 03/19/14

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Priming a pool pump is essential in pool and spa maintenance if pool owners want to be able to keep the waters in their pool clean and safe.  A pump may “lose prime” if too much air has entered into its circuitry, which can happen for a number of reasons (i.e. if the water level of the pool is too low). Before you call up a Phoenix pool maintenance company, we’re going to provide you with a quick and easy how to pool maintenance tips for priming a basic pump.

Step 1

Start off by turning off all power to the pump, and then turn the air relief valve counter clockwise to relieve all air pressure.  Your gauge should read 0 psi.

Step 2

Next, change your suction diverter valve’s settings so that either the skimmer valves or the main drain valve are open (this will allow you to gradually go about priming a pool pump).  Now open the lid of your pool pump strainer box, and check the basket for any debris.  Clean the strainer if there is any debris.

Step 3

Completely fill up the strainer box with water and tighten the strainer box’s lid back on top.  Check to see if there’s a good solid seal and if there are any cracks or signs of damage on the lid.

Step 4

If the lid isn’t damaged, then check the multiport valve and ensure that it’s either open or on its “recirculate” setting.  This will allow the filtration system to be disengaged.

Step 5

Turn the pool pump back on, and keep a close eye on the air relief valve.  Air should immediately begin to exit the valve, and water will start to spray within a minute (if the water doesn’t spray, repeat the steps above).

Step 6

Close the air valve when the water begins to spray, adjust the diverter valve so that the valve that was originally closed is now open as well as the currently open valve, and then open the air relief valve again.  Again, check to see if water sprays out (as it should within one minute) and then close the valve.

Step 7

Turn off the pump, place the multiport valve back to the filtration setting, turn it on again, and now you have successfully gone about priming a pool pump.


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