Pool Decking | 04/11/14

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For many homeowners, the deck around pool matters just as much as the style of the pool itself.  With so many cool pool decking designs and options out there today, anyone who’s looking to revamp their backyard and give their current deck a makeover are certainly in for a treat.

Modern Pool Decks

Modern pool decks can be constructed with a number of materials, though the two most popular are certainly wood and concrete.  When it comes to concrete, what really makes for a modern pool deck for modern and many contemporary pools is a solid square or rectangular surrounding deck that comes in one or two solid colors (think unique concrete slabs and stones).  More modern wooden decking is also quite streamlined and has one cohesive stain or color, but it’s the placement of the boards that can have a real affect on the appearance of the pool.  Laying them straight and parallel to the longest edge of the pool is always a great option, but get creative and see what you can design with your wooden decks.

Free Form and Oval Pool Deck Plans

Stone and concrete pool decking designs are certainly the most popular here as they offer more options and flexibility than most wood options.   Most homeowners like using a mixture of stone size, design and color to outline different areas of their decking area, such as create a defined backyard barbecue space, outline the pool, and designate a spa area.

Additional Features

Apart from the shape and design for the deck around pool, what you add to that deck will have just as much of an affect on your outdoor area.  Deck jets with LED or fiber optic lights, for example, are one of the most popular water and lighting feature options for modern pools.  The furniture and fencing that you use will also play a major role on your backyard area.  If you’re going with ultra modern, remember that simplicity is key and speaks far louder than it may seem.


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