Outdoor Living | 04/26/19

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We believe your backyard should be your favorite room in your house. Imagine splashing, lounging, putting, dunking, running, and Easter egg hunting in a space that your whole family loves to play in. Building a new pool is a great opportunity to redesign your backyard landscape because the two go hand in hand.

Many homeowners who have families also have busy schedules, which means less time for maintaining a yard. However, pool maintenance can be quick and painless once you get it on a schedule, and there are many ways to landscape a yard that requires little to no maintenance.

Embracing the Desert

The great thing about living in the desert is the many varieties of cacti that don’t require a lot of attention. You’ve probably seen saguaros and barrels thriving in the wild. They can thrive in your yard too, and look beautiful at the same time.  

For a designer landscape look, plant small barrel cacti or succulents in a row with a couple feet of space in between each one. This technique works best when you think of your yard as a grid. Look for straight lines from a pathway or lawn. From there, align the cacti parallel or perpendicular to those lines.

Prickly pears, saguaros, and various types of cholla are also easy options. Just make sure the kiddos can’t get to them.

To Lawn or Not to Lawn

A lot of yard maintenance is largely credited to beautiful green lawns. Caring for a lawn will likely take up a few hours each weekend if you want it to be bright and beautiful. This is why many homeowners choose not to install a traditional lawn in their backyard. Luckily, there are many alternative options that provide a large open space to play.

Artificial turf is an alternative to sod that requires very little regular maintenance. It can be installed next to your pool’s deck, or even within it, to give your pool a beautiful designer look. If you don’t want to miss out on the greenery and space of a lawn, but you don’t want the maintenance, artificial turf might be a great option for you.

Give your backyard a Shasta makeover!

If you’re dreaming of a backyard makeover, but don’t have the pool of your dreams yet, it’s time to start building it. If you’re ready to experience the Shasta difference, contact us to get started building the perfect pool for your lifestyle. Plus, start designing your dream backyard today with our online pool builder.