Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heaters  

Pool & Spa Resources | 08/20/23

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With over 300 sunny days a year, it may seem like the Arizona sun should keep your pool a comfortably temperature all year long. But in the heart of winter, even pleasant temperatures won’t make your pool feel anything but startlingly cold—unless you have a pool heater.

A pool heater is the only tool that will provide you with consistently comfortable water temperature that extend the usability of your pool. In Arizona, the average swim season typically lasts from May through the end of September. But with the right pool heater installed, you’ll be just as happy doing cannonballs in January as you are in June.

There are different types of pool heaters, each of which offers its own unique benefits to help keep your pool warmer when the temperatures cool down. Learn about your options, then contact your Arizona pool company for a consultation on which one is right for you.

Types of Pool Heaters

When it comes to choosing the right pool heater for your Phoenix pool, you’re generally looking at three options.

Gas Pool Heater

Gas pool heaters are some of the most affordable pool heaters on the market. It’s a popular option because they can quickly and effectively heat your pool to its desired temperature.

On the flip side, they are more costly to operate than other types of pool heaters, and they are not very energy efficient. Gas heaters tend to have a shorter lifespan than other options, maxing out at about five years even with regular maintenance.

Solar Pool Heater

In Arizona, solar pool heaters may seem like the obvious choice. Solar heaters also give pool owners in Phoenix the added benefit of having no operational costs and are extremely energy efficient. And, then tend to last for around 10 or more years.

Of course, they can only heat the pool when the sun is shining. In a state with tons of sunshine, this may not seem like a challenge, but winter months can often bring days of cloudy weather. Additionally, solar heaters are limited in how much heat they can provide.

Electric Heat Pump

Heat pump pool heaters are quite effective, and while they have a higher price tag initially, there are minimal operational costs. And, they usually last for around 10 years.

Electric heat pumps aren’t as fast as gas heaters. Because these pumps use heat from the air, you can expect your energy bills to spike in the winter when the pump has to work harder to warm your pool.

How To Make The Right Choice In Pool Heaters

Every pool heater has its advantages and disadvantages. And, much depends on factors such as how quickly you want to be able to heat your pool and what your energy budget is to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature year-round.

If you’re still not sure which option is right for you, whether you’re building a new pool or interested in heating an existing pool, Shasta Pools will be happy to give you an expert consultation and recommend the right pool heating product to fit your Arizona pool needs.

If you’re ready to buy a heater, our partner TS Pool Supply has many great options. And, our Service team would be happy to help install it. Schedule an appointment today.




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