Everything You Need to Know About Pool Heaters  

Pool & Spa Resources | 10/15/19

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It may seem like the scorching Arizona sun should be able to heat your pool thoroughly all year round, but the fact of the matter is a pool heater is the only tool that will provide you with that consistently comfortable water temperature that you crave. In Arizona, the average swim season typically lasts from May through the end of September and there are different types of pool heaters, each of which offers its own unique benefits to help keep your pool warmer when the temperatures cool down.

Learn more about them and decide which type is right for your pool:

Types of Pool Heaters

  • Gas— Gas pool heaters are some of the most affordable pool heaters on the market, and they can quickly and effectively heat your pool to its desired temperature. However, they are more costly to operate than other pool heaters. Be careful how long you run a gas heater.
  • Solar— Solar pool heaters are another option, with the added benefit of having no operational costs. However, they can only heat the pool when the sun is shining, and they are limited with how much heat they can provide.
  • Electric Heat Pump— Heat pump pool heaters are effective, but not as fast as gas heaters. They have a higher price tag initially, but after there are minimal operational costs.


There are many benefits to having a pool heater installed in your pool. First and foremost, it extends your pool season. It may be warm in Arizona most of the year, but our winters do get pretty chilly. Without a heater, your pool will become too cold to swim in. In addition, it is a worthwhile investment. These are sturdy pieces of equipment that will last for years to come and provide you with endless hours of enjoyment in your pool.

At Shasta Pools, we are dedicated to providing our Phoenix homeowners with the personalized service that they crave. Not only will we create a custom pool fit perfectly for your yard, but we also will provide you with the pool service that you need throughout your pool’s lifespan. Contact us today to set up a consultation and discuss which type of heater will be best for your pool.



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