Pool | 09/21/16

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States in the northern and central USA may experience their first chilly days as early as mid-September, but for those in the south, we may not experience cold weather at all.  This makes it perfect for those fortunate enough to be in a warmer climate to go and take a dip in the pool.

Finding the Right Temperature

The key to enjoying your pool in the fall is having the water at the right temperature.  Depending on how you plan to use the pool, these are the water temperatures most swimmers prefer:

  • Warm Water Swimmers: Those who enjoy lounging and wading in warm water will prefer their pool water to be in the mid-90Fs
  • Casual Swimmers: The majority of swimmers will prefer the water to be between 84F to 86F.
  • Lap Swimmers: If you use your pool for exercise, aim to have your water anywhere between 75F and 80F.
  • Competitive Swimmers: Swimmers who are training competitively tend to prefer cooler water.  Plan on setting the temperatures somewhere between 70F and 75F.

Upgrading your Heater

Pool lovers living in even the warmest temperatures will often find that they will need to use their pool heater for at least a few weeks of the year in order to remain comfortable.  This makes fall the ideal time to upgrade your heater to one which is more energy efficient.  Some of the most innovative heaters to date use alternate heating methods which can save additional energy costs.

Automatic Freeze Protection Systems

Worried about your pool water freezing over?  There are now a number of creative solutions on the market which will alert you to if your pool water freezing as well as allow you to control features in your pool such as the pool temperature and the filter pump.

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