Pool Decking | 03/22/16

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With springtime upon us, now is the time when many pool owners are looking to remodel their pool and deck. Acrylic coating can be a great way to give your deck a gorgeous and practical re-facing that will last you for years to come. Read about why ShastaDeck coating is the very best choice when it comes to your Phoenix area pool deck acrylic coating.

UV Reflective Coating

Have you ever stepped on a pool deck in the middle of summer only to scorch your feet on the blazing hot surface? We all have! The great thing about ShastaDeck coating is that it is UV reflective. This means that it fires ultraviolet light back away from the deck to prevent the surface from getting too hot, making your pool experience far more comfortable and fun.

Variety of Colors and Textures

ShastaDeck pool deck acrylic coating comes in a wide variety of variants in terms of textures, patterns and designs; no matter what your overall outdoor living style, aesthetics, taste and existing patterns may be, we can match it. Choose from twelve different colors and tons of texture and pattern variants, from the standard to the completely unique!

50 Years of Pools!

Shasta Pools and Spas is celebrating 50 years of business, from our construction of the very first in-ground pool all the way up to the current day. We are seasoned experts in professional, reliable pool remodeling services and are offering a wide variety of deals on your Phoenix area swimming pool remodeling to mark this milestone. Enjoy $500 off the purchase of ShastaDeck Acrylic Coating and get started on your pool makeover with Shasta Remodeling today. Give us a call for more information or to schedule your appointment.