Pool | 12/15/20

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Looking for some swimming pool landscaping ideas and inspiration but aren’t sure where to start? While desert landscaping is just fine for your front yard, your backyard is a whole other story, especially when you have a pool in Phoenix. You want to create your own little desert oasis, filled with color, leafy plants, decorative rocks and a little shade.

We’ve pulled together 10 of our favorite pool landscaping ideas that will take any Arizona backyard to the next level.

1. Throw In Some Shade

When landscaping around your pool in Phoenix, it’s easy to focus on the ground level. But in AZ, you should also make it a priority to build in some natural relief from the sun. Choose trees and shrubbery that will offer shade and complement the theme of your backyard (for example, palm trees for tropical). And to keep maintenance down, try to select trees that are less likely to shed, such as an ash or mesquite.

2. When In Doubt, Use Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are large evergreen plants that look lovely in almost any landscape and are easy to maintain. It’s a great “starter plant” when you’re looking for swimming pool landscaping ideas thanks to their relatively low maintenance and drought-resistant hardiness. Try the pretty purple lily turf, long-leafed bear grass or airy pink Regal Mist.

3. Use Flowers To Brighten Up Any Area

Annuals and perennials planted around the pool are a fantastic way to add a splash of color to any backyard. Check with your local garden shop for ideas on which flowers will grow best near a chlorine or saltwater pool.

4. Plant In Neat Pockets

This is a great tip for anyone who already has some landscaping around a pool. Create a small little corner or flowerbed right next to the pool to provide a visual relief with a much-needed pop of color to the area.

5. Add In Some Rocks

Rock features can sometimes be an expensive addition to build into the actual pool. But for Arizona pool owners, you have another option. You can purchase rocks and use them to add dimension and natural qualities to your pool area, from large rocks nestled next to ornamental grass to a cluster of smaller rocks next to a pretty perennial flower.

6. Plant Between Rocks and Pavers

If you have rocks and pavers in your backyard, why not fill that hardscape in with plants that will grow low to the ground and spread? “Groundcover plants” such as verbena, dwarf rosemary or daisies can add a nice splash of color to a rocky landscape.

7. Use Containers

If you don’t feel like digging up the lawn, use containers! Garden shops have a number of unique and enticing containers you can use for landscaping around your Phoenix pool that will match the theme and atmosphere of their backyard. Containers are also great for shrubs and bushes.

8. Include a Raised Bed

With in-ground horizontal pools, you may want to use pool landscaping to add some height. One of the best pool deck landscaping ideas is to place raised beds around the pool to really draw attention to the area.

9. Build Structures

Trellises and pergolas are a great way to not only increase vertical interest in the backyard, but to also provide some much-needed shade from the Arizona sun. Both will also provide homeowners with some additional privacy.

10. Keep Bees At Bay

You don’t want to keep bees from your garden, but you do want to keep them away from the pool. Not only will they pester you and your guests, but pool water is actually a death trap for them. When coming up with swimming pool landscaping ideas, plan on incorporating plants that will detract bees, such as dwarf evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses, and other non-blooming flowers.