10 Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas for Phoenix Pools

Pool | 03/11/14

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Looking for some swimming pool landscaping ideas and inspiration but aren’t sure where to start?  Here we’ll give you some of our own pool landscaping ideas for landscaping around a pool to help, starting with:

1. Throw In Some Shade

Relief from the sun is a must here in Phoenix, but is often one of the most seldom thought about ideas when it comes to landscaping around pool.  Choose trees and shrubbery that will offer shade and compliment the theme of your backyard (i.e. palm trees for tropical), and whenever possible, select trees that are less likely to shed.

2. When In Doubt, Use Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass looks lovely in almost any landscape and is easy to maintain.  It’s a great “starter plant” when you may be lacking swimming pool landscaping ideas.

3. Use Flowers To Brighten Up Any Area

Annuals and perennials planted around the pool are a fantastic way to add a splash of color to any backyard.  Check with your local garden shop for ideas on which flowers will grow best near a chlorine or salt water pool.

4. Plant In Neat Pockets

This is a great tip for anyone who already has some landscaping around a pool.  Create a small little corner or flowerbed right next to the pool to provide some much needed color and visual relief to the area.

5. Add In Some Rocks

Though we’ve all seen those lovely landscaped pools that incorporate enormous rock structures, homeowners can use the rocks on their very own property to help add some dimension and naturalistic qualities to their patio area.

6. Plant Between Rocks and Pavers

If you have rocks and pavers in your backyard, why not fill that hardscape in with plants that will grow low to the ground and spread?  Think “groundcover” plants.

7. Use Containers

If you don’t feel like digging up the lawn, use containers!  Garden shops have a number of unique and enticing containers that pool owners can use for landscaping around pool that will match the theme and atmosphere of their backyard.  Containers are also great for shrubs and bushes.

8. Include a Raised Bed

Being that pools are so horizontal, it’s always a good idea to add some height.  One of the best pool deck landscaping ideas is to place raised beds around the pool to add some vertical height.

9. Build Structures

Trellises and pergolas are a great way to not only increase vertical interest in the backyard, but to also provide some much needed shade from the burning Arizona sun.  Both will also provide some homeowners with additional privacy.

10. Keep Bees At Bay

Though it’s important to attract bees to your garden, you do not want them near your pool.  Not only will they pester you and your guests, but the water of your pool is a death trap for them.  When coming up with swimming pool landscaping ideas, plan on incorporating plants that will detract bees, such as dwarf evergreen shrubs, ornamental grasses, and other non-blooming flowers.

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