Shasta University Sales Training

Unlock the Secrets to Sales Success: Tailored Sales Training for Master Pool Builders

At Shasta University, we’ve heard your specific needs loud and clear! As successful company owners, you understand the crucial pillars of sales success in our industry’s competitive marketplace. You want your team members to be able to:

  • Start with proper paradigms for success
  • Build lasting client connections through sincere engagement and discovery
  • Create a compelling presentation that communicates your true “Why”
  • Sell value (benefits) over price
  • Share and capture correct information to prevent future misunderstandings
  • Effectively manage their time and follow-up activities
  • Reduce “regret” cancellations
  • Close more projects
  • Create evangelical customers who sell for you!

Great news! Our combination of world-class solutions and custom content, tailored to our industry, will empower your salespeople with skills and techniques that will align perfectly with your business goals.

Join us for four days of training: January 23-26, 2024

Total Retail Cost = $4,900 per participant
With a 35% Master Pools Guild discount, each participant saves $1,700.00!
(Discounted Rate is $3,200.00 per participant) ***

Additional Training Information

  • All classes include participant guides, practice cards and other tools.
  • Training also includes three months of indivdual sales coaching sessions with each participant (one hour per month).
  • *These solutions are made available from Franklin Covey Leadership through Shasta University for Master Pools Guild members only.
  • **This solution is a combination of original content and the 10.5 Sales Commandments by Jeffrey Gitomer (used with permission).

Stand out from the competition, boost your team’s performance and drive unprecedented growth with our results-driven training programs!

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***Travel and lodging not included. Breakfast and lunch are included on each of the four training days (Dinner not included).

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