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Frequently Asked Questions

  • · Are the package courses “one day events” only or do they include follow-up strategies and helps?
  • Each solution is delivered in one day, but the learning does not stop there. Trainees will have tools, tips, and follow-up helps to keep them on track with what they have learned in the formal training. They will also be able to keep their participant guides and other publications included with the package. In addition to these tools, they will have access to a one-hour personal training call with John Mortensen once a month for the three months following the training (February, March, and April 2024).

  • · Are travel, hotel and dinner accommodations included?
  • Travel, hotel, and dinners are not included. Breakfast and lunch are included (Tuesday-Friday) with the package. Shasta U will help with recommendations for lodging and give each participant a map of the restaurants in the immediate vicinity of nearby hotels.

  • · Is there a dress code for classes?
  • While we want to maintain a professional atmosphere, there is not a dress code for the classes. However, clothes with offensive or inappropriate images or designs are not allowed. We will trust guild members to be professional and modest in their attire.

  • · Do you have accommodations for participants with disabilities?
  • We have ADA approved entries and exits, and our rest rooms are ADA compliant. If there is a special need that requires additional accommodation, please contact us so we can be prepared. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and welcome while you are with us.

  • · What is the timeframe for payment?
  • Payment (in full) will be due 30 days prior to the training. This allows us to ensure that all training materials have been ordered and are available for use during the training.

  • · If we pay 30 days ahead and cannot do the training, may we get a refund?
  • Yes, a prorated refund will be available (minus any materials that have already been ordered).

  • · What is Shasta University (Shasta U)?
  • Shasta University is the training arm for Shasta Industries—the parent company of Shasta Pools.

  • · How long has Shasta University been established?
  • Although Shasta has had a training team for decades, Shasta University was officially launched in 2019.

  • · What types of training does Shasta University provide?
  • Shasta University provides a variety of training solutions—some developed in-house, and some as part of our agreements with outside training organizations (like Franklin Covey®). Training categories include:

    • o Leadership Training
    • o Sales Training
    • o Personal Effectiveness Training
    • o Specific Skills Training for Roles in the Organization
    • o Technical Training (How we build, remodel and service pools).

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