Unique Upgrades for Creating a Relaxing Poolscape

Pool Remodel Design | 07/29/16

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Homeowners who are contemplating the idea of a pool remodel must accept the fact that their ideas can only go as far as their budget.  But here’s some good news: you can remodel your pool and patio area to create that relaxing escape you have always wanted without breaking the bank.  

Consider Custom Pool Features

Sometimes all you need to create a more serene atmosphere is to add custom pool features to your poolscape.

  • Deck Jets: Deck jets give you the ability to create visually stunning water displays.  Jets can be used to create arches, waterfalls, bubblers and more.
  • Fountains: Nothing gives a sense of serenity like the sound of trickling water.  Incorporating a fountain often adds that finishing touch to your dream poolscape.
  • LED Lights: LED lights are the perfect way to enhance any features you add in and around the pool.  Light blue and purple LEDs are top choices for pools created for recreation and relaxation.

Transform Your Terrace

Your poolscape is only one part of many factors when it comes to creating a laid back backyard atmosphere.

  • Upgrade the patio by using patio materials and surfaces which match the ambience you are trying to create
  • Consider updating your patio furniture
  • Incorporate a fire feature or two (such as a fire pit, fire bowl or fireplace) to keep your backyard exciting.

Create A Landscape To Match

Landscaping is crucial if you want to have your freshly renovated pool and patio harmonize with your backyard getaway.  For example, if you are redesigning your backyard so that it resembles the tropics, incorporate lush ferns, palms and brightly colored flowers.

No one has transformed their poolscape in a day. Take your time and choose to update one or two features at a time. As time and your budget allows, you can then continue to add or build onto these features until you have created your perfect and peaceful backyard getaway.



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