Pool Design | 04/24/14

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When it comes to Phoenix pool design, there’s a lot to consider.  Today we’re going to share some of our best design tips to help with some common concerns that we’ve heard from clients, starting with:

1. Work Within Your Space

Have an irregular space to work with?  Think the area for your pool may be a bit tight?  Not a problem.  Some of the most unique pool designs Arizona are those that have been forced to come up with more creative designs in order to accommodate an awkward or difficult area.  To help define the space, get creative with your gardening and foliage placement.

2. Don’t Rule Out The Infinity Pool

One of the most popular Phoenix pool designs is the infinity pool. But all because you don’t have that idyllic line where the water meets the sky, you can still use interesting angles to really get the most out of an infinity pool in almost any backyard.

TIP:  If you’re worried about your kids’ toys and inflatables disappearing off the edge, try putting up a tension wire that’s 5 inches or so above the waterline to help keep toys from going astray.

3. Choose Interesting Wall Options

Beautiful pools that are above ground or in ground can easily incorporate interesting wall options that can add to the atmosphere of a backyard.  A glass wall, for example, is a fantastic way for homeowners to integrate the pool with their backyard kitchen or entertaining area.

4. Don’t Rule Out The Above Ground

When most envision above ground pools, the majority don’t regard them as “cool pools”.  We picture unattractive or downright gaudy pools with visible plumbing, rust, and stains.  Fact of the matter is that any above ground pool can become a stylish option when proper design elements are selected.  One of the most trendy options is a split-level pool deck.  Focus on strengthening the lines of your above ground pool through decking and fencing options , and don’t shy away from using varying textures around the pool to draw the eye to different planes and gradients in the yard.

5. Mix Strong Colors With Simple Forms

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating strong, bold colors in your Phoenix pool design and within your own backyard garden area.  But to keep the tone “quieter” and a bit less distracting, choose bright pieces featuring simple forms so that your backyard doesn’t become “too loud”.

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