Pool Maintenance | 01/23/14

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For most of the year, a lot of us in this sun-baked state can count on the sun’s blazing rays to keep our pool waters warm and temperate.  In the wintertime, however, it can get a bit chillier, which is when many decide to get their pool heater up and running.  Unfortunately, this also is when we often discover that our heater may not be working exactly as it should.  Below we’ll provide a brief pool maintenance guide to common pool heater problems and how you may be able to fix them on your own.

BEFORE YOU START:  Prior to troubleshooting any pool heater problem, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s service manual.

THE PROBLEM:  Low Flow/Poor Heating

Should your heater continue to shut off before the pool water is heated to a desired temperature, your first plan of attack will be to check your filters (dirty filters can interfere with the proper functioning of a heater).

  • Remove any debris from the filter, put it back, and then turn the heater on at a temperature hot enough so the heater will run.
  • Reset your timer so that the heater runs for a longer period of time
  • Look at the system’s valves and ensure that they’re able to go through the heater

If none of the above work, you may need to consider installing a larger heater.

THE PROBLEM:  Banging, Grinding and Whining Noises

Strange noises are often the result of debris in the heater.  To solve the problem, take a look at your system’s hoses and filters.  Look for any possible blockages in your system and back-flush your filter.  If that doesn’t help, the pressure switch may be faulty and require replacing.

THE PROBLEM:  The Heater Won’t Turn On/Stay On

Start off by cleaning out the filter to ensure that enough water pressure is being received by the heater to operate properly.  Give the shut off valve on a gas heater a look over as well to ensure that the valve is fully open.  If you have an electric heater, then double check all electrical connections and make sure that they’re tight and have not corroded.

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