Pool Remodeling | 04/05/16

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Unlike our last two projects, this month’s feature remodel was a more dramatic affair. Our client, who we will refer to as one Mister Jake Burton, had several major issues with his former pool, all stemming from age. Mr. Burton loved his pool’s shape and just-right size, but he was worried about the crumbling state of its finishes and equipment. Without immediate attention, the evident problems of pool surface wear and outdated components could have closed this pool for good, but this Scottsdale pool remodeling project arrived just in time.

Here are the details on how we transformed Mr. Burton’s pool from being on life support to being the lively focal point of his charming backyard.

Shasta: Seeing Things No One Else Can See, Doing Things No One Else Can Do

After draining the pool and getting a good look at all the work ahead of us, we began to tackle the project one step at a time until Mr. Burton’s pool was completely renewed both outside and within.


New Waterline Tile and Cap Tile

We started by taking on the most pressing issue, Mr. Burton’s dated and structurally-unsound waterline tile. By replacing this tile with a bold, cobalt graphical tile, we were able to stop wear at one of the most critical sites for pool integrity. Left unchecked, old and loose tile grout could allow mold growth or water intrusion into the pool’s concrete substructure, creating major problems that would likely require a new pool foundation.

Thankfully, Shasta was able to intercept the issue with our typical crackerjack timing. The new tile we provided not only looked great and provided an enchanting, vivid blue accent, but it also ensured the continued integrity of the pool so that Mr. Burton could keep swimming worry-free for another few decades.

With the waterline tile complete, we set the new cap tile using our exclusive line of durable and beautiful travertine tile. This element provided an ideal complement to the more eye-catching hue of the waterline tile while connecting the look to the flagstone and travertine pavers we would be using for the surrounding deck area.



Our next priority was to remove the existing pool interior surface, which had begun to deteriorate and flake off in noticeable patches. Like the waterline tile, these issues were long overdue and could have easily put Mr. Burton’s pool out of commission.

We replaced the drab, stucco-like concrete finish with a beautiful Frisco Bay Blue Shasta Stone interior. This product provides long-lasting protection against wear and water intrusion while improving the feel of the surface upon bare feet. Our Shasta Stone is also designed to reflect light in a certain way through the water to give off a distinctive hue — in this case our bright, cheerful turquoise-esque “Frisco Bay” color, another Shasta exclusive.

While we were replacing the interior surface, we also did Mr. Burton a favor by replacing his existing interior light with a more modern, energy-efficient setup.


Diving Board Replacement

We admire Mr. Burton’s commitment! In a time when most people are shying away from diving boards for liability reasons, he decided to replace his model instead. Our replacement board helps him get the joyous hang time he needs to enjoy his pool to the max.


One of the Best Decking Surfaces We Have Ever Done

With no small amount of pride, we would like to draw your attention to the outstanding job our remodeling crew did when replacing the decking surface and raised area surface to create a gorgeous, cohesive look that makes a real showpiece out of Mr. Burton’s backyard.

For the deck, we used faux flagstone Shasta Deck that has the real look and feel of flagstone at a lower price and with easier maintenance. On Mr. Burton’s elegant raised platform area, we opted for a richer, authentic look using travertine pavers. This travertine matched the waterline tile and the general color and texture of the faux flagstone to create a gorgeous scene every time Mr. Burton or his guests venture out back.


A New, Energy-Efficient Filtration System

Our job would not have been complete without updating Mr. Burton’s filtration system with some of the best products on the market for his desired price point. A 600 sq. ft. cartridge filter was used to provide the maximum possible performance in a low-maintenance package. It was hooked to a variable speed pump that will deliver amazing energy savings and improved filtration performance that leaves his old system in the dust — or more accurately, the dumpster.


Did Mr. Burton Like the Results? Indeed!

This project sets a new, high bar for what Shasta is able to do with just a few finishing replacements and a little time. Mr. Burton can now burst with pride at his backyard thanks to his incredibly inviting and photogenic pool, all courtesy of Shasta Remodeling.


Scottsdale Pool Remodeling Services and Your Pool

Let Shasta work our magic on your Phoenix pool! No matter how tough you think your project is, we are willing to dive into it with enthusiasm. Give us your best shot, pal—we can take it! You can start by taking a look at our Scottsdale pool remodeling services.