Popular Cool Pool Designs for Your Phoenix Backyard

Pool Design | 04/22/14

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Looking to check out some cool pools for some design ideas and inspiration?  We’re going to discuss a variety of different pool types as well as their features to aid you in your quest of coming up with the very best pool design Arizona for your backyard.

Modern Pool Designs

Some of the most “cool pools” out there today are modern in style, but what exactly is considered to be a modern pool design?  Box-shaped (think square or rectangular).  Modern pools have a very streamlined appearance, though are usually complimented by interesting water features and decking options, such as water fountains coupled with fiber optic lights to really light up the night sky.

Pond Pools

Another type of pool that’s certainly increasing in popularity is the pond pool or “natural pools”.  These pools borrow their shape inspiration from the natural soft angles and curves that we can find in nature, and are typically absent of any straight lines or rigid angular designs.  These pools can be constructed in the same way as a typical pool, or many pond pools will incorporate a variety of natural pond features, such as grasses and other foliage to help filter the water.  Paired up with a sloping beach entry, some water falls and gorgeous rock features, you could trick yourself into believing that you’re in the middle of a secret forest oasis.

Free Form Pools

Free form pools will always be the epitome of cool pools since homeowners can create whatever shape and design they wish to compliment their tastes and their garden.  Having that free form option also allows homeowners to really maximize the size of their pool as it can be shaped around existing landscaping and architecture.  When creating a free form pool, really think about the sort of tone or atmosphere you’re trying to foster in your backyard, and add additional foliage and features around the pool to help compliment that.

For even more inspiration, contact a Shasta Pools design consultant or click below to view our pool gallery. 


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