Pool Remodeling | 03/25/15

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A lot of pool owners in Arizona will be undergoing pool remodeling projects early this spring, but they shouldn’t do so without keeping these nine remodeling tips in mind:

1. Set a Budget (And Stick To It!)

Pool owners should come up with as many pool remodeling ideas as they can before renovations, but without a budget, it’s easy to get carried away. Set a budget that works with your current lifestyle and stick to it.

2. Make a Priority List

The backyard pools of today can undergo any number of pool remodeling projects, from simply changing the lighting to LED bulbs to completely changing the decking and adding water features. Make a priority list to keep on track and to stay focused.

3. Find Pictures of Pools with Elements You like

Hit the ‘net and find pictures of pools you love. The pools you see may be out of your price range, but print them out and circle the features or elements that you like. You may be surprised how clever contractors can incorporate these or similar items into your poolscape and stay within your budget.

4. Receive an Itemized List of Elements and Prices

Ask for an itemized list that includes prices for everything you want to add to the pool. This will give you a better idea of what you want and what you can afford.

5. Avoid Cheap Materials

This isn’t a time to scrimp and save. In order to ensure that the materials you’re selecting will stand the test of time, investigate your options and choose quality over price.

6. Share the Information with Family

You created a priority list before, but now it’s time to perform a more thorough audit by including family members or loved ones in on the process.

7. Keep Track of Guarantees and Warranties

Materials and even the workmanship provided during your pool remodeling project may be protected under guarantee. Store contracts and receipts in a safe place just in case something goes wrong later on.

8. Choose Reliable Contractors

Do your research before settling on your pool contractors. Make sure that they are reputable, have been in business and operating under their business name for at least a few years, and obtain references.

9. Add Two Weeks to the Completion Date

While many pool remodeling projects go smooth and seamlessly, instances can arise when the renovation may not be completed on time. To save yourself any stress or disappointment, add two weeks to the given completion date of your pool.

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