Inexpensive Pool Remodeling Ideas For The Fall From Shasta

Pool Remodeling | 11/14/13

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Fall is the perfect time for pool owners to revise, resurface and remodel their pool.  If you’re not looking to make any huge changes to your pool but want to refresh it a bit, then here are 3 inexpensive ways for you to update the appearance of your pool:

1. Plants By The Pool

The surrounding area of any pool can quickly be spruced up simply by adding brand new foliage to that space. The plants that you select should:

a) Suit the theme of you backyard space; and

b) Be suitable for your climate

Some grasses and flowers will do well in some climates, while do extremely poorly in others.  To get the best idea of what plants will survive best during the summer and winter months in your particular climate, give your nursery a visit and make sure that you mention that the plants will be going “pool side” (some plants are more tolerant to salt and chlorine than others).

2. Add Lighting

When homeowners hear the word “lighting”, they immediately think expensive visits from the electrician and elaborate lighting set ups.  Truth be told,  your pool can be quickly given a facelift simply by incorporating some tiki torches and some white string lights that you wrap around fencing, trees, or other foliage in the backyard.

3. Consider A Concrete Overlay

Completely uplifting your existing deck is a costly repair.  Rather than do that, consider having a concrete overlay placed on top of the deck that you already have. Overlays come in a variety of textures and styles and can resemble a number of materials such as tile, stone or brick.


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