Backyard Entertainment | 03/18/19

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We’re gearing up for great weather ahead, which has us dreaming of backyard BBQs and pool parties. Hot dogs, watermelon, pasta salad, and popsicles! What could be better on a warm spring day?

Let’s set the scene for the perfect backyard BBQ.  

First, food prep space. Every great BBQ area should have ample room for all the delicious food we just mentioned. Counter space next to the grill will make cooking that much more enjoyable. Eliminating the number of trips you have to take to the inside kitchen is also a plus, especially when entertaining.

Next, built-in seating. You know how everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen when you entertain? People tend to gravitate and hang out near the food. Same goes for a backyard party, so make sure you have seating for those who want to watch you flip those burgers.

Of course, every backyard BBQ party needs entertainment. Outdoor games like volleyball or tag are fun for kids of all ages. Know what else goes great with a BBQ? Cannonball contests!

The perfect backyard BBQ centers around a beautiful pool. Remember when your mom used to tell you to wait 30 minutes after you eat before you swim? And then you not listening and getting a stomach ache later? Now it’s your turn to create those memories for your kids. Only this time, hopefully they’ll listen.

Give your backyard a Shasta makeover!

If you’re dreaming of backyard BBQ parties, but don’t have the pool of your dreams yet, have you thought about building it? There are a number of really important considerations that go into making such a big decision.  At Shasta Pools, we’re with you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to experience the Shasta difference, contact us to get started building the pool backyard BBQ dreams are made of. Plus, start designing your dream backyard today with our online pool builder.