Pool Remodeling | 01/20/15

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For some, financing a pool with straight cash may be a possibility. For most, a bit of extra financial help is necessary to make pool ownership a dream come true. Pool financing today is easier than ever with there being a variety of options out there. However, not every option is as attractive as the next. If you’re thinking of undergoing a pool remodeling project or building a brand new in ground pool, here are some ways in which Shasta can help you finance your pool:

Saving You Time

Bouncing from lender to lender can be incredibly time consuming and can have a negative impact on your pool remodeling or building project – particularly if you’re hoping to have your pool project completed by a certain deadline. Obtaining pool financing can take weeks or even months For some, something which choosing Shasta can completely eliminate. Shasta’s pool financing experts have experience in helping homeowners find the loan that works best for them, including first and second mortgages as well as loan consolidations. When paired with our company’s existing relationships with the nation’s top lenders, this expedites the pool financing process.

The Best Interest Rates

One problem that many homeowners come across when trying to finance their pool through a bank or their credit card is that they’re offered less than thrilling interest rates. For those who can’t or don’t qualify for a secured loan (such as using your home as collateral) then you’ll undoubtedly be facing high interest rates. Shasta can obtain better rates for your pool building project not only because of their well established relationship with some of the nation’s top lending institutions, but they can negotiate better rates based on the value that your inground pool is bringing to your property.

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