Pool Design | 06/06/14

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Of the many pool design Arizona ideas, one of the most popular styles of all time is the Mediterranean pool design.  These fancy pools reflect a traditional style but, with just a few twists and customizations, can be given a more modern feel.  Here are the 5 features to consider when constructing a Mediterranean dream pool:

1. Infinity Pool Designs

When one thinks of the Mediterranean Sea, they envision an endless stretch of deep blue waters.  Homeowners can replicate this look by turning their pool into a negative edge or infinity pool.  Infinity edges can be added to fountains and spas to further support that Mediterranean atmosphere.

2. Dark Colors

Want your pool to reflect a Greek oasis?  Then opt for dark, rich blue tones as a finish for your pool. Not only will this color choice allow pool owners to replicate the water of the Mediterranean sea, but it will give your pool waters a deep, calming look.

3. Terra Cotta with Ornate Tiling

Terra cotta fountains and decking are a must-have for anyone who wants to transform their backyard into garden worthy of a Grecian god or goddess.  Ornate, detailed tiling featuring bright, bold colors such as blues and pinks can easily be used as a border along the outside of fountains, incorporated into the pool tiling, or placed along the deck.

4. Fountains

Whether you choose to build a small terra cotta fountain in the yard or add one to your poolscape, fountains are surefire way to enhance the Mediterranean atmosphere of any backyard. Better yet, if you have a fountain that doubles as a statue, you’ll be able really capture that old world feel.

5. Urns

Here’s a budget-friendly idea:  when decorating and landscaping around your Mediterranean pool design Arizona, consider finishing off the look with some simple urns.  Fill the pots with plants such as vines, bougainvillea, or a dwarf fruit tree, or you can get really creative and turn the urn into a water feature.


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