Pool & Spa Resources | 09/12/19

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Paying for a pool with cash is possible for some families. For others, financing is a better option, meaning a loan or credit that can be used for a pool building project. Pool financing today is easier than ever with so many options to choose from including unsecured personal loans, home equity loans or financing through a pool dealer. If you’re considering building a brand new in-ground pool, Shasta Pools can help you with your finance options. 


Do I qualify to own a swimming pool? 


Today, owning a swimming pool can be for everyone! Swimming pool financing is more common than you think and it’s easier and more affordable than ever. Qualifying for a loan depends on your financial footprint, including credit history. Work with Shasta Pools to see if you qualify


How long does it take to secure financing for a pool? 


The pool financing process can take weeks or even months if you’re doing it on your ownbouncing from lender to lender can be incredibly time consuming and can put a damper on the excitement of building a new pool. Working with a professional like Shasta Pools can eliminate the hassle and save you time. When you work with a partner like Shasta Pools, you gain access to well-established relationships with some of the nation’s top lenders.  


What kind of loan can I get? 


Shasta’s pool financing experts have experience in helping homeowners find the loan that works best for them, including first and second mortgages as well as loan consolidations.


The Best Interest Rates


One problem that many homeowners encounter when trying to finance their pool through a bank or credit card is that they’re offered less than thrilling interest rates. For those who don’t qualify for a secured loan, then you’ll undoubtedly face high-interest rates. One way to ensure you get a good interest rate is by having a good or excellent credit score. Lenders will look at your credit history when determining your interest rate.


Additionally, working with a partner like Shasta Pools will help you obtain better rates for your pool building project not only because of their relationships with the nation’s top lenders but also because they can negotiate better rates based on the value that your inground pool is bringing to your property.


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