Common Pool Pump Problems and Solutions for Your Arizona Pool

Pool Equipment | 04/30/14

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The water pump is the “heart” of every pool circulation system, being necessary for a clean and sanitary waters.  Without a pump, our pool waters would quickly turn from pristine and crystal clear to an unwelcoming pond full of scum.  If you’re priming a pool pump and are trying to troubleshoot any of the below problems, our solutions will hopefully save you time as well as a call to your pool technician:

THE PROBLEM:  Pump Not Pulling Water

THE SOLUTION:  The first place to look when having difficulties while priming a pool pump is in the skimmer and pump baskets.  Ensure they’re empty so that the water flow isn’t being restricted or obstructed in any way.  Next, move to your pool filter and ensure it’s clean.  If that also checks out, then it’s time to look at the impeller (this is connected to the motor and moves the water).  These tend to clog, particularly in the spring.

THE PROBLEM: Pool Pump Sucking Air

THE SOLUTION:  A pump that sucks air may also cause the pump to not pull water.  If your pool pump is sucking air, start by checking the thread sealant located at the point where the pipe enters the pump.  Also check the o-ring on the pump lid to ensure it’s undamaged and flexible.  You may also have a leaky valve stem on one of the valves, or there could be a break in the plumbing.  To find out where an air leak is occurring, simply take some shaving cream and spread it over all of the fittings and suction side joints.  You’ll see the shaving cream dimple or sink at the point of the air leak.

THE PROBLEM: Pump Is Leaking Water

THE SOLUTION:  There are a number of reasons why you may notice leaking water before or while priming a pool pump.  It could be a bad shaft seal, a poor impeller housing o-ring, or worn out thread sealant and shrunken threads on your discharge pipe or the pipe that comes out of the pump.  For the most part, this problem can be solved with a standard o-ring or seal kit from a pool supply store.  O-ring or seal kits are inexpensive and easy to use, but if you do not feel comfortable attempting these type of owner maintenance repairs, call our service division for assistance at 602-532-3887.

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