New Pools | 05/09/24

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If you’re thinking about building a pool, chances are your first question is: how much does it cost to build a pool in Arizona? And the answer is…well, it depends. Prices of pools have also gone up due the adjustments to the ecomomy and supply chain challenges, with prices starting in the low $40,000’s, not including tax.

You see, the great thing about building a pool with us is that you can customize everything from the size and shape to fun features such as waterfalls and lighting. Behind the scenes, you also have to think about the right filtration systems, sanitization, utility and efficiency to keep your pool healthy, along with the ownership cost you’re comfortable with.

The Shasta Pools experts have put together this handy infographic that talks about all the different parts of a pool build that will factor into the final price. But don’t feel overwhelmed! We can guide you through all the options and come up with a pool plan that makes your family – and your budget – happy for years to come.

Ready to estimate your pool? We’ve got a great new Pool Estimator Tool to help you.

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