Pool Equipment | 12/05/19

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Variable speed pool pumps are a must for your Shasta Pool because of their energy efficiency and quiet performance. Our service technicians install Pentair variable speed pumps due to their programmable speeds including settings for filtration cycles, cleaners, and water features; and because they are automation-ready.  These new energy-efficient pumps are also quieter, meaning you do not have to listen to that loud pool pump running when trying to have parties or sleep at night.

Reduce Energy Usage

Our variable speed pump installs provide energy savings by being able to run at lower RPMs (revolutions per minute).  Instead of running your pump at 3450 RPMs, like all single-phase pumps, your new Pentair VSP (Variable Speed Pump) can be set to run at much slower speeds drawing less electric and saving you money on your electrical bill. Plus, lower speeds means your pump will last longer!

Improve Equipment Lifespan

Using one of our energy-efficient pumps for circulating water in your swimming pool increases the life span of your pool pump and motor. As a result of these pumps running at a much slower speed, you extend the life of the electric motor. — This means a longer stretch between repairs and replacements providing you a greater return on your investment. You can finally spend all summer enjoying your swimming pool without worrying about maintenance issues or malfunctions. In addition, Shasta provides you with a 5-year warranty to protect the pool pump for many seasons to come.

Save this December on an Upgrade to a Variable Speed Pump

Let us help you upgrade your system to feature a state of the art energy-efficient variable speed pool pump. Please contact our service and repair department. We have the knowledge, skill and experience with variable speed pumps to help you start enjoying the savings and efficiency of a variable speed swimming pool pump. It is quieter, more efficient and saves you money.  

Take advantage of our December specials on Variable Speed Pump installs.  Save on the install. Save on your electric bill and increase the filtering efficiency of your swimming pool!


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