Arizona Pool Design: What is a Quartz Pool Finish?

Pool Design | 05/20/14

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The finish that you select for your pool is incredibly important, not only because you’ll spend a large part of your day looking at it, but because it helps set the tone and atmosphere of your garden. One of the most popular finishes on the market today is the quartz pool finish.

What Is A Quartz Pool Finish?

Also referred to as an “exposed aggregate pool finish”, a quartz pool finish is white cement mixed with a quartz aggregate.  Quartz has proven to be one of the hardest finishes amongst the different pool options, meaning that it is a very hard and durable material, making it ideal for pool use. This is why marble, which used to be the popular choice for pool finishes, is being phased out by the increasingly popular quartz finish.

Benefits Of A Quartz Pool Finish

There are a number of reasons why a growing number of pool owners and builders are using quartz as a pool finish, starting with:

  • It can easily last over a decade with proper maintenance and care
  • It’s smooth with a slightly sandy texture for added traction
  • The quartz can be dyed any color the pool owner prefers, providing some of the most rich and diverse water tones available
  • It’s less expensive than pebble but just as durable
  • It’s stain resistant

Many are attracted to quartz not only because it’s more budget-friendly and long-lasting than other options, but with the multiple color options available and the contrasting sand options, one can easily mesh and blend complementing and accenting colors together for a truly customized look. Yes, you will pay more for quartz than a traditional plaster finish, but when looking at pool pictures of plaster pools and quartz pools side by side, you’ll certainly see the positive difference that this finish can make to the overall appearance of not only your pool, but your entire backyard.


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