Arizona Low Maintenance Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Backyard Entertainment | 05/22/14

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Trying to come up with some easy pool landscape or backyard design ideas?  If you’d rather spend your days lounging by the pool rather than working in the yard, you’re in luck.  Below are our top 4 low maintenance swimming pool landscaping ideas:

1. Grow Some Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass can be particularly stunning when grown around the pool.  Though some grasses will tolerate being around the pool better than others, they are all generally easy to care for and will only need to be cut back every year or so.

TIP:  Plant them in beds around the pool and other areas instead of flowers – they don’t shed!

drought-tolerant2. Opt for Drought Tolerant Plants

It’s no secret that it can get pretty hot here in Arizona during the summertime, so if you’re looking to significantly trim back the amount of time you’ll be spending tending to plants this summer, then opt for drought tolerant plants whenever possible.

TIP: You may need to give any drought tolerant plants an extra watering during the hottest months to keep them looking perky and radiant, but apart from biannual trimmings all you’ll need to do is sit back and enjoy your surroundings.  


shasta pool landscaping3. Choose Pool Friendly Plants

Whenever possible, if you plan to landscape around pool, choose pool friendly plants.  This means not only selecting plants which may be able to tolerate chemicals, but selecting plants that won’t shed debris or drop leaves into the pool water.

TIP:  Zoysia grass, Ficus Green Island and ferns are all great options, though your local nursery will likely have some great suggestions.

artificialgrass4. Use Artificial Turf

Keeping a green lawn in Arizona is a huge challenge – unless you use artificial turf.  Artificial turf has come a long way from its stiff, plastic appearance.  Best of all, it’ll stay luscious and green all year ’round without the need of any watering or maintenance!

TIP:  Use a mix of gravel and/or rocks and artificial turf with flagstone pathways and raised beds for a truly customized, low maintenance pool landscape.

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