6 Cool Watertile Line Ideas

Pool Remodeling | 02/17/15

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One of the hottest Phoenix pool remodeling trends that we are seeing during this winter season is updating a pool’s watertile line. Swapping out and replacing your former watertile line is one of the easiest ways pool owners can breathe new life into their poolscape, especially if they choose a one of a kind tile line that delivers the ambiance they’ve always wanted.

1. Stay On Trend with Turquoise Mosaic Tiling

A lot of today’s modern retreat-style pools feature refreshing aquamarine tiles throughout the whole pool. Homeowners can capture that same luxurious feel simply by placing a band of turquoise-colored mosaic tiles around the watertile line.

2. Go Chic with Black

For those wanting to build an ultra chic pool, then a seamless line of black porcelain tiling along the watertile line is a great option. This type of tiling works particularly well in rectangular or “L” shaped pools.

3. Play Up Your Water Features

Placing iridescent tiles along the watertile line behind a water feature, such as a sheer sheet waterfall, will increase the visual interest of your water feature while reducing the appearance of any mineral buildup.

4. Create Unique Reflections

The pearl-like appearance that glass tiles give to pools may not be for everyone. Clever swimming pool remodeling designers have created tile lines that intersperse blue glass tiles among ceramic pool tiles to create unique reflections along the watertile line.

5. A Taste of the Mediterranean

A growing number of pool designs have been emulating shapes and features that one would expect to find in the Mediterranean. Many tile makers are creating new and interesting tiles to match this demand such as specialty patterned tiles like Iberian Triangle patterns or more colorful Spanish Colonial tile designs.

6. Hide Watertile Lines

Not everyone needs a stately tile line, in which case a hidden or recessed tile line is the ideal choice for you. A pool designer like Shasta can even build this into your existing pool!

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