5 Favorite Pool Remodeling Ideas For An Arizona Pool

Pool Remodeling | 04/27/15

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It’s not too late to have your pool renovated and ready for the swim season! Below are our five favorite pool remodeling ideas that can convert, transform or update the look of your aquascape.

1) Refresh Your Pool

There are a variety of ways in which a pool’s appearance can be updated, but the two most popular swimming pool remodel ideas are:

  • Add/replace waterline tile
  • Resurface your pool

The pool industry has introduced a number of new colors and textures to their tiles and finishes over the past few years, so be sure to play around and explore your options!

2) Add Ambiance

You can instantly change the ambiance of your pool simply by adding or changing its current lighting. Not only is it an easy renovation, but lighting changes are among the most budget-friendly pool remodeling ideas. Explore colored interior LED lights, or try adding fun and funky fiber optics around the pool or to deck jets.

3) Toy with Tranquility

The pool should be a place for play and relaxation. The addition of rocky boulders will transform any old pool into a recluse desert oasis. Include a trickling rocky waterfall and you have a soothing spot for you to unwind under the warm Arizona sun.

4) Update Your Equipment

Though not nearly as exciting as the other swimming pool remodel ideas on this list, the winter and early months of spring are a great time to check out your pool’s pump and filter and give it an update. Look for energy efficiency as well as increased control and user customization.

5) Explore Entryways

One of the most popular pool remodeling ideas year after year are renovating pool entryways. Many pool owners are now including a baja step which is also known as a sun shelf. Not only is this the perfect place to lounge on a hot day, but it offers a sizable space for youngsters and those shy of the water to splash and play.

At Shasta, we have a number of pool remodeling ideas for budgets of all sizes. Check out what remodeling specials we have going on today at http://www.shastapools.com/remodeling-promotions .

Shasta Pools is a Phoenix pool builder who provides a variety of services including swimming pool remodeling, commercial pool building, and pool service and repair. Since its establishment in 1967, Shasta has helped over 80,000 families realize their dream of pool ownership and we’ve helped over 30,000 families revive their backyard. By providing exceptional value, quality craftsmanship and superior customer service, the Shasta team continues to fulfill the corporate mission of astonishing and delighting their customers and exceeding expectations. You can learn more about Shasta Pools & Spas by visiting them online, or by connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter.


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