Skimmers play a critical role in maintaining the best swimming experience possible for your pool. At Shasta Pools, we offer a select range of skimmers that ensure your pool continues to sparkle the way it should, debris free


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A&A Venturi-Powered Automatic Skimmer dramatically enhances amount of water through the surface skimming action and circulation without requiring any additional pump horsepower.

Efficient – By returning approximately 8- 10 GPM into the venturi of the QuikSkim will produce the skimming flow of 50 – 75 GPM without using any suction from the pump.

  • Strategically enhances surface skimming which removes most debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pool. That’s like getting the performance of an additional pump with out the cost or the energy to install one. Talk about GREEN!

The innovated design allows the use of full pump suction to the floor.

  • Directs the FULL suction of the filtration pump to the floor for “Powerful Debris Removal” when tied into the AVSC or PDR“Debris Removal Drains”!

The only skimmer with a patented Anti-Entrapment feature.

  • Security of knowing that if in any way a skimmer is blocked by an entrapment, the swimmer will be quickly and safely released.

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