Equipment Options

Energy Efficient Pumps

Add an ultra energy-efficient swimming pool pump and cut your swimming pool electric bill up to 60%.


Add a Shasta-exclusive high-capacity cartridge filter and forget about backwashing. We also offer sand and DE filters.

Salt Systems

Fully automatic salt water chlorination systems produce chlorine by converting salt into chlorine to produce water that is comfortable and gentle on the eyes, skin and hair.

Ozone Systems

Reduce chlorine demand by oxidizing water contaminants to help rid your swimming pool of chlorine odors and significantly reducing overall swimming pool chemical use and operating costs.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

Flush-mounted circulation heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through a venturi-powered skimmer and dual anti-vortex main drains.

Dedicated Suction Line

When a dedicated suction line is installed, it allows the vacuum to work more efficiently, as the skimmer and vacuum now work independently from each other to help keep your pool as clean as possible.

The perfect pool remodel for your budget is almost a reality.

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