Ways to Make Your Pool Safer

Pool Remodel Features | 05/23/16

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Many Phoenix area homeowners opt for having a backyard pool. So many of our months are warm and sunny—it just makes sense to have a relaxing space to cool off while also sharing fun times with the family.

However, no backyard pool is complete without the necessary safety features, required by law and recommended by pool experts all over. Practicing home pool safety is crucial to being able to enjoy your backyard pool—when safety becomes second nature, the whole family can have fun. Here are some of the best ways to make your pool a safer space for the whole family.


Add a Fence

 Every home pool is required to have a fence. Height requirements vary according to state, but it’s of utmost importance that the fence surrounding your backyard pool area is at least four feet high. In addition, your fence needs to have a gate that self-closes and self-locks to ensure that it closes and locks behind everyone, even the most neglectful swimmers.


Completely Remove the Cover

 Even in very shallow waters, children are able to get trapped under pool covers that haven’t been completely removed, putting them at risk of drowning. Before anyone gets in the pool, make sure the pool cover has been entirely removed. Also, make sure your drains and filters have the proper covers to prevent small children from injury.


Go Over the Pool Rules

 Of course, maintaining home pool safety mainly depends on human activity. Establish clear guidelines for the children in your household: for example, no one is to ever use the pool unsupervised. Regularly go over the pool rules as a family to ensure everyone knows what to do, and what not to do, around the pool.


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