Tips for Saving on Summer Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance | 05/07/16

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When summer hits, would you rather enjoy your pool or stress over its maintenance? Unfortunately, too many people think taking care of their pool is much harder than it actually is, and they suffer high repair costs as a result. Instead, by following just a few simple steps, you can easily save money on pool maintenance. This short guide by Shasta Pools should help teach you a few of these measures that truly anyone can start implementing today.

If You’re Not in the Pool, Turn Off the Water Features

Makes sense, right? You’d be surprised at how much money people could actually start saving if they diligently monitored their water features (i.e. waterfalls, jets, lights, etc). Of course, the main reason to install water features in your pool is to provide that little bit of extra flare and personality to your yard, but if you seriously want to save money on pool maintenance, try to turn them off as much as possible, especially if you’re not near the pool. You’ll start to see the energy savings almost at once.


Cover Your Pool

This is another one of those small, simple additions that can save you a lot of money. Pool covers are pretty cheap, and you can rest assured knowing that making your money back on the investment is easy. While also keeping leaves and other foreign bodies out of your pool, a good cover helps to naturally regulate the temperature of your pool and keep it warm. This gives your pool’s heater and temperature regulators the opportunity to take it a little easier, allowing them to last longer and expend much less energy. So if you don’t already own a pool cover, get one today.


Look Out for Your Filter and Pump

Most people will run their pool filters all around the clock without a second thought. While your filter is integral in keeping your pool clean, it can consume a hefty amount of energy. If you try running it at select times, instead, you can easily find a sweet spot that allows you to save money on pool maintenance. We would also recommend finding out about peak and non-peak hours from your local utilities company to see if you can save even more money by running your filter at specific times of the day.

You may also want to consider updating your pool pump, especially if your pool has seen some years. Installing a variable speed pool pump, for example, could save you some big-time money over the long run, making it a worthwhile investment to say the least.


Learn More About How to Save Money on Pool Maintenance

These are only a few of the many steps you can take to make your pool more efficient, lowering your energy costs. If you’re curious about other methods to save money on pool maintenance or have any other pool-related queries, feel free to reach out to Shasta today! Our goal is to get everyone the pool of their dreams at a price that works best for their budget. Any way we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!