The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Swimming Pools

Pool Maintenance | 06/27/14

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A growing number of those interested in building a pool are asking their pool builder in Arizona about natural swimming pools. To save you some time, we’ve answered some of your top pond pool FAQs below:

1. How Does The Water Stay Clean?

Unlike a standard swimming pool, natural swimming pools use natural means to keep the water in pristine condition. These pools are built with aggregates and native water purifying plants which then allows the micro-organisms to sustain healthy and clear water.

2. Is There Less Maintenance?

Yes, as there are no chemicals to manage.  However, pond pool owners will still need to check the skimmer and water for debris.

3. Do They Attract Mosquitoes?

Since natural swimming pools have constant moving water, they are almost completely mosquito-free (mosquitoes prefer standing water).

4. Do You Close Pond Pools In The Winter?

Unlike traditional swimming pools, you won’t ever need to refill, drain, or cover a natural swimming pool.  If you’d like to keep the pool a bit warmer during the cooler moths, however, a conventional pool heater or solar heater can be easily installed.

5. Do Natural Swimming Pools Cost More To Build?

No.  As most pool design Arizona companies will tell you, the cost to build this type of pool will be about the same as an average concrete or gunite pool.  Pool owners will save more in the long run, of course, as they won’t need to buy pool chemicals to keep it clean.

6. Can A Natural Swimming Pool Be Built Indoors?

Yes, though it will require some additional planning and preparation since natural swimming pools are designed to stay balanced outdoors and not inside.  You may need to consider lighting, a change of plants, and room temperature for the filtration to effectively.


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