Resources | 04/20/14

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Looking to burn calories in the pool without the need for swimming lessons?  These two simple yet effective swimming pool workouts are sure to get you shedding weight this spring so you’re tight and toned when bathing suit season gets into full swing.

Pool Boxing

If you’re looking to unleash some pent up aggression after a stressful day, then this is the way to do it – no boxing gloves required!

  • Start by standing in the pool so that the water reaches the top of your shoulders
  • Stand with your right foot forward and lock your left foot back 2 feet behind it
  • Warm up your body by jump switching the feet as fast as possible, right to left and then left to right
  • When your body feels a bit heated, put your arms up in a guarded boxer position (in front of your face), keeping your arms under water.  Each time you switch your feet, add an opposing punch (i.e. if your left foot is forward, punch with your right fist).  The water offers natural resistance but is low impact.  Continue for one minute, take a break, and repeat twice more.

WORKS: Your arms, legs, core, and back.

Pool Cycling

All you need for this swimming cardio workout is your legs and the edge of the pool or a pool noodle.

  • Begin by resting your elbows on the edge of the pool, or on a pool noodle
  • Lean back slightly and raise your legs and feet in the pool water
  • Begin to cycle your legs through the water, as if you were pedaling a bike.  Start off slow, working into a more natural pace, and when you feel comfortable, push yourself for 10 to 30 seconds and cycle as quickly as possible.  Gradually slow down to a comfortable pace, take a break, and then repeat.

WORKS: Your core, shoulders, and legs.

Note:  Before partaking in any swimming pool workouts, it’s always a good idea to provide these aerobic exercise examples to your doctor to ensure that they’re appropriate for you.


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