Pool Maintenance | 03/27/15

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All across Arizona the opening of the backyard swimming pool signifies the end of winter and the beginning of warmer temperatures! The first step in the process: getting your pool back in tip top shape by performing a few swimming pool maintenance duties that will help keep your pool clean and healthy all season.

Remove the Pool Cover

As tempting as it may be to lift off the cover and dive right in, it’s important to take proper care of the cover fist. Before taking off your pool cover, remove any standing water (a wet/dry vacuum works well), and get rid of any leaves and other debris. Clean off the cover and allow it to fully dry before folding it up and storing it.

Check Your Water Levels

Even with a pool cover it’s possible to have lost some water due to evaporation. Do a check and make sure that you have the proper water level in your pool.

Take Care of the Equipment

Inspect your pump and lubricate or replace any o-rings needing some extra attention. Now is also a good time to do an inspection of your pool’s plumbing connections, and to visually inspect all of the other equipment:

  • The filter
  • The heater
  • Lights
  • Automation systems

Once visually inspected, power on the equipment and look for any drips or leaks. Continue to replace any o-rings as necessary.

Run Your Pump

Proper pool chemistry is essential in keeping your waters clean and pristine. Before leaping into your pool, an important part of swimming pool maintenance is running the pump for several hours to ensure that the pool chemicals are properly circulated.

If you’re needing a bit more help revving up your pool for spring or would like the trained eye of a Shasta professional to ensure you pool is safe and spring-ready, check out how the Shasta Service department can help http://www.shastapools.com/MaintainingYourPool.aspx.

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