Pool Remodel Finishes | 04/12/16

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Many people don’t think about the need to refinish their pool until they notice that it’s gotten too bad to ignore. The truth is, no matter how well-crafted your pool is, it’s eventually going to need a reface. It can be tough to tell when the time arrives, though, and at Shasta we want your Phoenix area pool to keep going strong and beautiful for many years. Read a few signs that it’s time for a new interior pool finish before the summer swimming season starts.

Interior Pool Finish Age

Has it been awhile since you updated your interior pool finish? Even if it doesn’t show visible signs of wear, pool finishes are only designed to last for up to 15 years or so before they need to be redone. If it’s been a decade or more, think about re-facing the inside of your pool.


Style and Aesthetics

Our tastes and styles change over the years. When you look at your pool, does it still “pop,” and does it still complement the style of your yard, outdoor living space and overall home design scheme? If not, consider an update to give it a new look!


You’ve Never Done It

This is tied to the age of your interior finish, but if you’ve never invested in a new finish, it may just be time to give it a go. Also, if you’re just moving into a new home that already has a pool, you don’t know how long the finish has been in place. If you don’t know how old it is, you should probably just assume that the finish to the pool’s interior is beyond its recommended life span. As such, call in the professionals to have it redone and get going with a fresh start.


It’s Springtime!

Springtime is the perfect time to have your pool refinished. The new swimming season is still a couple of months away, and now is the time to get all your upgrades done before you have everything balanced and cleaned for your first summer event. Before the weather really starts to get too hot, now might be the right time to install a new interior finish for your pool.

Choosing the Right Interior

Shasta Pools and Spas is here to offer a broad variety of interior pool finishes which can match any taste, style or aesthetic you wish to put in place. You can take some time to explore our remodeling services to see how they can help build the ideal pool just for you. Some of the more popular options we offer are:


  • Stone Finish: Stone is a clean, natural and classic look that provides a relaxing and welcoming feel.
  • Sand Finish: This interior uses small pebbles to evoke the feeling of being at the beach every time you set foot in the pool.
  • Quartz Finish: Make your finish glitter and shine in the sun, creating a refreshing and exciting outdoor backyard oasis.


Don’t wait: check out our options and give us a call today!