Shasta Pool Tips for Easy Pool Maintenance All Summer Long

Pool Maintenance | 05/07/14

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Most pool owners know how to take care of a pool, but by incorporating just a few of these simple tips and tricks, you may be able to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your pool each and every week, starting with this surprising tip:

1. Toss In A Tennis Ball

There’s a good chance that everyone entering into the pool will have suntan lotion or sun block applied to their skin, though an unfortunate amount of it comes off in the pool water.  The result: a dirty pool in an extremely short amount of time, but you can help keep your pool waters clean simply by tossing in a standard tennis ball.  The velvet-like surface of the ball absorbs the oils left behind on the surface of the water, even hours after all of the guests have exited the pool.

2. Wipe Down The Tile Line

If you know how to maintain a pool, then you’ve likely scrubbed the sides and bottom of your pool before.  But by cleaning the tile line on a weekly basis (or more often, depending on how heavily the pool is being used) can save you from needing to look up how to clean a green pool or a cloudy pool as it will remove pesky dirt, residue, contaminants and calcium build up.

3. Fix Pool Water Chemistry with Baking Soda

Though there are a number of products that will help maintain pH levels in the pool (such as an alkalinity increaser), in a pinch all you may need is some baking soda.  How much you’ll need to add to your pool waters will depend heavily on the size of your pool, and can depend on the brand of baking soda as well, so do so with caution.

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