Shasta Pool Features: Pool Scuppers

Pool Features | 05/30/14

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When it comes to typical pool lingo, the words pool pump, finish, filters usually arise; not many times, however, will pool scuppers come up. Before becoming an ultra popular design feature for custom pools, the term “scupper” referred to the slot or opening on a boat deck that allowed water to drain off the deck. Pool scuppers work the same way, except the water is flowing directly into the pool.

Pool scuppers started off as simple and practical, but you can find a variety of different designs to suit your purpose. The motion of water can be altered to suit your eyes and ears.

You can find scuppers as:

  • waterfall design
  • spitting spout design
  • spilling fountain design
  • bubbling brook design

Tune into the video below to see pool scuppers in action. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Shasta pool professional who will be able to walk you through the many options for your building or remodeling your perfect pool and backyard space.

Shasta Pools is a Phoenix pool builder who provides a variety of services including swimming pool remodeling, commercial pool building, and pool service and repair. Since its establishment in 1967, Shasta has helped over 80,000 families realize their dream of pool ownership. By providing exceptional value, quality craftsmanship and superior customer service, the Shasta team continues to fulfill the corporate mission of astonishing and delighting their customers and exceeding expectations. You can learn more about Shasta Pools & Spas by visiting them online, or by connecting with them on Facebook or Twitter.



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