Pool Remodeling Resources | 03/01/16

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In this month’s highlight of an amazing Phoenix pool remodel, we wanted to focus on another project where the main purpose was to revitalize the look, feel and functionality of the space. The ultimate goal was to refresh the pool surfaces, add a bit of visual flair and update the existing filtration and self-cleaning systems to something more modern and efficient.

Revitalizing the Grants’ Grotto

This month’s project comes courtesy of the Grants (names altered for privacy). They have a charming pool with a smaller size, perfectly suited their needs. Its most distinctive feature is a neat rock grotto overhanging a bench seat. A water feature covers the entrance, creating a natural, immersive and relaxing set-up that works perfectly for a busy couple like the Grants, who enjoy soaking on weekends and afternoons.Before 6

What the Grants did not enjoy is the obvious traces time had left on their pool. Their pool surface was beginning to separate, inviting the chance for leakage into the pool’s substructure if ignored for too much longer. The concrete decking was also showing signs of spalling and flaking. Additionally, the Grants had grown weary of the rolled bond beam used to border the pool’s rear perimeter.

Outside the realm of aesthetics and surfacing, the Grants also wanted a more efficient pool cleaning system. Their older pump consumed more energy than they had liked, and the in-floor cleaning head system had lost much of its effectiveness over time.

How Shasta Worked Its Magic

Here was our Phoenix pool remodeling process for the Grants:

Rolled Bond Beam and Decking Conversion to Travertine Pavers

Our first step was to drain the pool completely so that we could begin the task of converting the rolled bond beam into more attractive and modern travertine paver coping. Travertine provided an incredible aesthetic look for the Grants in a relatively low-cost and low-maintenance product. It fit the needs of their rear deck perfectly, so perfectly that their entire decking system was replaced with travertine pavers. The travertine completely changed the look of the Grants’ backyard and complemented the natural aesthetics of their grotto waterfall.

Another important task was to replace the aging waterline tile. Like the pool’s interior surface, small cracks and breakage threatened the long-term integrity of the pool’s substructure. We replaced the tile with a blue travertine tile that matched the visual effect of both the sand-colored travertine pavers and the new Catalina Blue Shasta Stone surface.

Pool Interior Resurfacing

With the rolled bond beam converted, we began to remove and replace the existing pool surface. The surface we and the Grants chose together was our trademarked Catalina Blue Shasta Stone interior. This product is easy to care for, feels great on the feet and will last longer than their previous surface.After 4-Catalina Blue

Another important feature of the Catalina Blue Shasta Stone is how the pebble aggregate reflects light through the water. As the name suggests, the surface creates a gorgeous deep blue look that adds visual appeal to the pool while making the water always feel clean, fresh and inviting.

To make the pool shimmer and visually pop even at night, we replaced the Grants’ old halogen lamp with a new high-intensity bulb. This simple yet effective lighting system made for safe night swimming as well as an impressive visual effect as the light filled the deep blue Shasta Stone interior and reflected back to the surface.

Filtration and In-Floor Cleaning Systems Conversion

One of the Grants’ biggest issues was that their pool had become more difficult to maintain over time. They had an older model of cartridge filter and a single-speed pump motor that used electricity without really doing a satisfactory job. Their in-floor cleaning head system began to show its age, too. The Grants did not even make much use of the in-floor system within the last few months before their remodel. They were concerned that it was operating improperly.

We set up the Grants with an equipment package in the form of a new, highly efficient two horsepower (2 hp) variable speed pump and a state-of-the-art 600 square foot cartridge filter. This system would provide incredible energy savings along with a filtration effectiveness on par with many sand media systems.

The in-floor cleaning heads were converted to a newer system while the surface was being installed. With the system operating optimally and precisely calibrated to the Grants’ pool dimensions, the pool now practically cleans itself. Controlled water bursts from the in-floor pop-up heads push debris off steps, benches, walls and pool floors towards an integrated suction unit placed in the deepest part of the pool.

The Final Verdict

At a glance, the Grants’ pool before the conversion did not have any obvious issues. Only upon a closer look would someone be able to detect that future maintenance problems could have developed.After 6

However, the post-remodel version of the pool certainly added a huge amount of renewed visual appeal. Rolled bond beams have fallen out of popularity precisely because of the majestic, cohesive look a paver coping system can provide. Since the Grants opted for travertine throughout their entire deck and coping, the end effect was even more elegant. A deep blue water hue both day and night, courtesy of the Catalina Blue Shasta Stone, also blows the old look of the Grants’ pool out of the water, if you’ll pardon the unavoidable pun.

Finally, and most importantly, the decreased maintenance and increased efficiency of the pool’s new cleaning systems will no doubt have the Grants enjoying their pool far more often now. That magnificent grotto will get the use it deserves and the impressive look and feel to go with it.

Phoenix Pool Remodeling Pros Who Can Make a Difference

Like our February project spotlight, this pool did not have any obvious flaws. However, Shasta’s expert Phoenix pool remodeling team was able to deliver their signature flair to add new levels of beauty and functionality that far surpassed the original setup.

Let us work our magic on your pool so that you can reap the benefits of our expertise and have a pool worth bragging about just like the Grants. Visit our Phoenix pool remodeling services page to discover more about the transformative power Shasta Pools and Spas can bring.